iPhone 6 Plus restore lỗi 1, -1, 50, 56

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step 1: Restore firmware itunes error 1, -1, 50, … Remove seal baseband, measure the capacitors filter voltage. If shorting, use zxw tracking and isolating slowly it, then restore.
step 2: If it isn’t shorting after measure, remove baseband, use ACT plus read ROM. Close baseband.
step 3: replace IC source or oscillation near IC source.
step 4: these voltage have supply voltage for NFC, so sometime NFC was shorting, error 56 at the end of restore process -> replace NFC or baseband source or isolate the components were shorting.
step 5: the supply voltage for midfrequency were shorting also make error when restore, sometime lose signal -> easy to recognize after measure voltages. Watch Beginner video for more infor about measure secondary voltage.
Note: because the voltages from source supply cross to many capacitors, Ad use zxw to gather capacitors on the same line to 1 colour for easy look. Encourage to combine zxw to isolate for the higher correction more than pic. Pic just use for reference. IP6&6+ use the same way this pan.
Pink note: this buffer drop in the water or damp make rusty also cause to restore error 1, 50. Close band.
the majority of new phones cause to error shorting baseband after measure voltages. With phones weren’t shorting when close base but cannot, 60% error at baseband, 40% error at A8 and other cases we will update later, please send us your feedback if have.

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