iPhone 6 Plus lỗi camera sau

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step 1: Measure the resistance of sockets. if lose any lines, follow the line and fix it. Joining the wires (in the yellow frame) together. Note: the impedance of the double wires must to equal.
step 2: The capacitors in purple frame, if shorting can be isolate and remove.
step 3: Incase, cannot focus, most of them were error at cam. If it doesn’t work after replace cam-> tracking focus line, replace the wire in yellow frame of IC source.
step 4: watch the resistance (green frame), replace with the same value.
step 5: error flash and the photo cannot be save, but can save video -> replace IC flash cam.
Note: With 6+, the double wire (yellow frame) of cam should not be break after shooting. Notice to 2 green resistance near socket, if error of pilling off. The photo cannot be save by IC flash was the common error on phones were damage by water. Incase, photos were blur of noise, check A8.

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